Graphic Designers To The Rescue Of Graphic Designers

Last week we told you about the American Institute of Architects’ response to the New Orleans disaster. The American Institute of Graphic Arts caught up last week with their own organizational response, although this one is targeted much more specifically to designers, rather than general life-saving. According to the press kids,

“AIGA is the designer’s community,” says AIGA executive director Richard Grefe. “At times like this, the community is more important than ever and eagerly reaches out to support those displaced. AIGA’s members across the country are offering to help and AIGA is eager to provide the means to connect them with those in need.”

The organization has allocated $10,000 to “helping designers re-establish their practices,” and is encouraging people to think similarly when considering donations, either financial or in-kind.

Information, help, computers, studio space, housing, or donations should be directed here, or email

Back to regularly scheduled programming in a hot second. For now, take one.