Graph Your Friends' Demographics

Two days ago I was talking with my co-worker about how someone needs to develop an application that tracks the demographics of your friends. Then yesterday Joshua Fraser of Clemson University launched Platypus. Platypus is a simple application that you install and it automatically runs through your friends to get their demographics. It breaks down the gender and relationship status of your friends. It would be cool if there were additional features such as geographic location, etc. This is definitely a great start though. What is most impressive is how quickly ideas come to fruition on the Facebook development platform. There are tons of developers that are openly sharing their code and solutions to problems that they are facing. Just today, the first New York Facebook developers meetup took place and people shared their applications and problems that they were having. This is truly a revolution taking place before our eyes. Regardless of all the revolutionary stuff, take a look at Joshua’s Platypus application and graph your friends’ demographics.

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