GQ Magazine Burnishes ‘The Most Powerful Bald Men in America’

Forget about last week’s ranking by Forbes of the world’s 100 Most Powerful Women. In Los Angeles, a town overrun with male braggadocio, the Bald 100 honor roll shared this week by GQ is going to undoubtedly be a far greater topic of conversation.

Perhaps Vin Diesel can bank on the idea that he is the top West Coast industry rep on the list at #5 to spark a fresh round of meetings. Better yet, the lanky actor should have his people call Ron Howard’s people to share a laugh over the fact that the director sits at #6. Meanwhile, it’s too bad Larry David isn’t currently in production on Curb Your Enthusiasm; he clocks in at #10, a few slides behind Samuel L. Jackson (#7), as the fourth and final member of L.A.’s gleaming chrome dome Top Ten quartet.

The magazine’s cranium parade makes for all sorts of odd L.A. bedfellows, minus the bed-head hair. There’s Patrick Stewart (#16), baldly going where Rupert Murdoch has gone right before (#15); pro surfer Kelly Slater (#32) is sandwiched between Homer Simpson (#31) and Jason Alexander (#33); and we’re pretty sure Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner might be a little surprised to learn that he edged out the Dalai Lama, #48 to #49.

But when all is said and polished, it’s hard in terms of upside-down L.A. bragging rights to beat GQ‘s sly re-ranking of a certain titanic trio. For the record, David Geffen is #35, Barry Dilller is #36 and Jeffrey Katzenberg is #41, right behind faux Deal-maker  Howie Mandel. We can already hear the speed dial going in Mr. K’s car.