GQ Fetes Jay-Z’s Artful Dodger

Part of downstairs

After the WSJ. launch party, we headed 20 blocks south to the Chelsea Art Museum, where Jay-Z himself was celebrating his Artful Dodger clothing line, “the alternative to everything that currently exists in the marketplace.” Sounds like quite the niche.

GQ teamed with Hova for the party, which took over all three floors of the museum. The first floor featured free flowing champagne — albeit in smaller and smaller quantities — displays of AD clothing and a series of large pictures featuring the same Jason Bourne-looking dude in various stages of well-dressed distress. The second and third were still being set up, but we snuck (sneaked?) upstairs and found two more bars, lots of AD art and some service people bracing for the storm.

The music, clothing and basketball mogul hadn’t arrived when we left, but we were assured he would show. Artfully dodging the crowds, no doubt.


Some inspiration