Goya Going Beyond Latino Audience

Goya Foods is looking to move beyond the Latino consumers who have been enjoying the company’s products for 75 years. The company is launching a new ad campaign, using mobile technology for the first time, has conducted outreach to food bloggers asking for for reviews, and is transforming its messaging for a broader target.

“We realized that we were talking to general market consumer like they were Latinos,” Alain Groenendaal, CEO of Wing, told the New York Times. The WPP marcomms agency that has been been Goya’s AOR for five years. “Instead of teaching people to cook Latino, we needed to think about how we can use Goya ingredients in their cooking.”

Curiously, a campaign that seeks to reach a very wide audience won’t include a push on Twitter or Facebook.

“We have yet to see the ROI on such investments,” Alvaro Serrano, senior marketing manager for Goya tells the Times. “It could lend itself to more negative than positive if you don’t manage it properly.”