Google TV Ads Users Offered DVR Data

Google will soon begin offering its TV advertisers information on whether DVR users fast forward through their ads or not.

On Thursday (Jan. 29), the search giant announced on its traditional media-focused blog that brands which have purchased inventory via its Google TV Ads product will now be provided impressions data for ads that appear during shows that consumers record using a DVR. The data will be supplied free of charge, wrote Yaroslav Volovich, software engineer for Google TV Ads in a blog posting, shedding light on how frequently specific ads are actually played back or skipped over by DVR users.

Theoretically, advertisers could use such data to determine which creative spots are less prone to fast-forwarding. According to Volovich, time-shifting data may yield insight into which networks perform better for certain brands.

Of course, Google’s DVR data is limited to just a portion of the total TV landscape. Currently, Google TV Ads works with EchoStar’s Dish Network, as well as several NBC cable networks.