Google Trends Olympics Hub Lets You See What Users Are Searching For

Google released a Google Trends Olympics Hub, which provides a look at how users around the world are searching for 2016 Summer Olympic Games sports and athletes on Google.

Google released a Google Trends Olympics Hub, which provides a look at how users around the world are searching for 2016 Summer Olympic Games sports and athletes on Google.

On this Google Trends hub, users can browse insights related to Olympic sports, with each sport’s page providing a look at the most searched athletes in the sport, the top questions related to the sport, the sport’s search interest by country and more.

Google Trends Olympics Hub

In addition, users can view lists of trending athletes and sports. Each trending athlete and sport has its own page, which displays the topic’s interest over time, interest by region and lists of related topics and related Google search queries.

Elsewhere, the hub contains search-related facts connected to the Olympics. For instance, on day three of the Olympics, Google said Switzerland searched for beach volleyball more than any other country.

Finally, users can view a map displaying the most searched Olympic sport in each country.

Check out the Google Trends Olympics Hub here.

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