Google Releases Update To Gmail Android App

Google has released an update to the Gmail app for Android that provides more ways to control how much data it transfers and notifications for when you receive new mail. The update is available now in the Android Market.

After installing the update you will want to open the settings in Gmail by tapping Menu, More, Settings. The new options are Sync Inboxes And Labels and Labels To Notify, as shown in the screenshot.

When you tap Sync Inboxes And Labels, the next screen lists all of the labels associated with your Gmail account and provides options to Sync None, Sync Last N Days (where N = the number of days worth of email you specify), and Sync All. Keep in mind that Inbox, Priority Inbox, etc., are all considered labels, so you have the ability to specify which of those items to sync to your phone.

Label notifications can only be defined for the labels you sync to your phone. If a label is not syncing, it won’t appear in the Labels To Notify list. The notification options include status bar, ringtone, vibrate, and how often you want to be notified.

I have several labels defined in my default Gmail account, but I am not syncing all them to my phone. I do have three different Gmail accounts set up and I have configured the Inbox notification for each account to have a different ringtone.

The other additions in this release of the Gmail app include remember to “Show Pictures” for senders, turn off sticky message actions in landscape or all orientations, better TalkBack support for accessibility, and performance improvements.