Google Reader Fans, Do Not Fret: Use Twitter As Your Feed Reader

In case you haven’t heard, Google Reader’s going kaput come July 1, 2013.

With the advent of Google+, Google started slowly thinking about phasing out its free RSS provider Google Reader, and finally came to that decision this week.

Are you an avid Google Reader user? (Guilty as charged right here.) There are a few viable feed reader alternatives: Feedly, Flipboard, and Pulse.

But you can also just use Twitter. Here’s how.

Start a private list in Twitter labeled “Google Reader,” populating it with the Twitter streams of all the sites you were following on Reader. Nearly every single website on the Internet and its mom has a Twitter feed, so chances are slim you won’t be able to subscribe to the content you were subscribing to in Reader. If that is the case, though, you can get that content via browser bookmark, enewsletter, or Facebook.

The only two downsides are 1) social media isn’t normally automated, so you won’t get the Twitter content as instantaneously as an RSS feed from a site, but social media managers worth their salt tweet out their content ASAP; and 2) you can’t make lists-within-lists, so your Google Reader folders and tags may have to go by the wayside.

You could also make multiple Twitter lists based on the categories you were using in Reader (social media, tech, style, food) and even append each with “blogs” if you have lists that mirror those in Twitter already and want to keep them separate from your Reader-esque stuff.

So, Google Reader-ers, what do you think? Is replacing Reader with Twitter a viable option for you?

(Image via MTV Geek)