Google, Please Hire Me

Check out the awesome video above from 24-year-old marketer Matthew Epstein, in which he asks Google to give him a job while wearing a fake mustache and no pants.

According to Epstein the video got him 300,000 unique visitors to, 400 LinkedIn requests, and phone interviews with not just Google, but also Amazon and Microsoft.

Epstein’s campaign has also attracted the attention of a lot of haters (after all, he isn’t wearing pants in part of the video and he himself admits he’s not a great actor). Even a job counselor that CBS 5 in San Francisco said, in so many words, that this was the silliest thing he’d ever seen. (That video is here; the exact quote appears to be “Heheheh….we here don’t recommend anyone do anything like that. The idea hasn’t come up. We haven’t thought of getting our job seekers to do anything like that. Therefore I don’t think you need to do something like that.”)

But in the end, this guy has had an interview with Google and most of the haters haven’t. Good on you, sir.

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