Google “Killer” Cuil Heavy on Hype, Low on Results

A search engine launched by several formal Google employees today received a boatload of media coverage. If only the response from users was as positive.

“Cuil,” a new search engine that has, “indexed 120 billion Web pages, three times more than any other search engine,” received a negative review from many users, for issues including everything from unrelevant search results to not being able to use the service at all.

We’ll give the site a minor break, given it was its first day, and the publicity crush surely could’ve impacted performance. But still, one would think that the comapny would have been ready for something like this.

CNET spoke with Cuil VP of communications Vince Sollitto, who said, “It’s day one. Traffic is massive. We’re new. There are bugs to fix, results to improve.” According to the launch release, Manning, Selvage and Lee is the agency of record for Cuil.