Google Dynamic HTML5 Mobile Banners Ads Turned On. Get Ready to Interact with Mobile Ads

Mobile advertisements might become a lot more interesting now that Google has turned on the ability to deliver dynamic HTML5 banners. These HTML5 banners are available for all ad sizes through the AdMob network for tablets and smartphones based on iOS (Apple) and Android.

HTML5 banners help marketers unleash new creativity

These HTML5 banners can access sensors on supported devices that lets people actively interact with mobile banners. If you have an iPhone, iPad or Android device, you can see an example from Google here:

Google descrbies the sample HTML5 ad this way: In the ad, the New York skyline appears layer by layer, and then, as the user tilts the tablet, the skyline moves, creating the illusion that the user is peering around the buildings.

If not, you can view the video below. It shows Google’s sample HTML5 banner on an iPad 2.

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