Google Adds Image Search Sharing To Goggles

Google Goggles is an image-based search tool for Android. You take a picture of an object, and Goggles scans the object, performs image recognition, and then runs a search based on what it recognizes. An update has been released to Goggles that makes sharing search history with Google useful to you by providing the ability to share your searches via email and social media sites.

Goggles does not store your search history by default, and when you first run the updated version of the app you are asked whether you want to opt-in to the service. Google wants you to share your searches so that they can improve their image search capabilities. You can turn on search history within the app settings. I was surprised to find that Google keeps the Goggles search history separate form your Google account web history. Google recently released an update to Maps that stores your map searches to your Google account web history, and I assumed Google was doing the same with Goggles. Instead, the Goggles searches are being stored separately and are only accessible by you via the Goggles Android app.

Sharing is done using Android’s sharing capability, which means that you can share a search via any social media apps that support Android’s sharing that is on your phone. For example, I shared a search for a book on Twitter using the Android Seesmic app. What is shared is a link to the search that is stored in your Goggles search history, which includes the picture that was scanned, along with any results Goggles found, the date, time and location of the search, along with your name and link to your Google profile. You will see in my example sharing book information using Goggles is handy because it not only contains the picture of the book cover, but also a link to a book or product search, and you can share that information via email as well as social media.