Google Accepts Ad Tags in Brand Dollars Push

Agencies have long complained about Google’s closed approach to other ad systems, but now the search giant will accept ad tags from third parties. Opening the system could help Google attract more brand ad dollars in its battle against Yahoo, AOL’s and others. But there’s one gaping hole in Google’s third party ad serving roster: Atlas, a product of aQuantive, owned by rival Microsoft.

Advertisers that run ads through Google’s AdSense content network in North America now can serve them through Google’s DoubleClick system, as well as Valueclick’s Mediaplex platform. The AdSense network also enables tags from rich media ad firms Eyeblaster, EyeWonder, Interpolls, PointRoll and Unicast, and from research firms Dynamic Logic, IAG Research, InsightExpress and Factor TG.

Although Google’s list of accepted tags includes the big players in rich media and online ad research, “The ad serving looks a little light because it doesn’t have Atlas,” said Eric Frenchman, chief Internet strategist for consulting firm Connell Donatelli. Still, he thinks it will make things easier for advertisers and agencies when it comes to campaign optimization and reporting. “I think it’s actually good news,” he said. Kate Kaye, The ClickZ Network, reports