Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quote(s) of the Day

Justin Bieber Needs Zzzzz’s

“Today is a chill day. nice weather…lots of sleep and relaxation. it’s a Lazy Sunday.” And, “arghhhhhhh….been waking up on and off all night. need to sleep. This JET LAG IS THE WORST!!!” –Weekend tweets from Justin Bieber, who attended the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. (He tweeted a lot more about his jeg lag/sleeping problems, but we spared you.)

Kim Kardashian laughs off prospect of dating 16-year-old

“Biebs??? LOL RT @RyanSeacrest @justinbieber w @KimKardashian now, want to know u guys really dating? Ha met at dinner last night in DC.” –a Sunday tweet from Kim Kardashian, who was FNC’s Greta Van Susteren’s date for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Ryan Seacrest was also there, along with, of course, Biebs.
Kim and Justin at the WHCD.

Kardashian: Help me with my hair!

Pre-dinner tweets from Kardashian: “Ok I need your help! My dress is black and white strapless and I’m wearing red lipstick, how should I do my hair? Up in a bun or down? 5:31 PM May 1st And more: “…Getting ready for the White House Correspondents dinner now! I’m wearing a vintage Valentino dress of my moms!” (Forget the intelligent White House correspondents. Couldn’t we have her around all the time for these ultra-vapid tweets?)

WHCD Brunch Etiquettee

“There should be a brunch rule – no cheek kisses if your sweating your ass off. i dont want to feel your sweaty cheek at brunch.” –CBS’s Christine Delargy