Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


If you can’t stand the heat…

“Forecast: Sunny, hot, humid. Heat advisory – noon to 8. It will feel like 100-105. Code Orange. #dc #weather” — WTOP in a morning tweet.

Women, power, Weiner messes

“Women in power don’t get into Weiner messes bc being in power is enough to satisfy their self esteem.” — Writer Susanna Quinn in a Tuesday tweet.

More Weiner scandal fallout

“If we can’t get the truth out of politicians then what do we have for a government?” — MSNBC’s Ed Schultz on his program last night.

Hot dogs on the rise

“The hot dog’s accidental PR. Seeing lots o’ hot dog tweets that are sure to boost sales.” For example, “WTOP’s Debate: ketchup on a hotdog?” — Publicist Kelley McCormick in a Wednesday morning tweet. (Incidentally, the number of hot dog pictures we’ve looked up online is becoming obscene.)

Scarborough offers self-praise for near Weiner-free show

“That was our attitude yesterday. We did not dive into this Weiner scandal. Actually Afghanistan was more important. The budget showdown, more important. … We had a lot of people thank us.”  — MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough on “Morning Joe” this morning. Frankly (pun intended) we were disappointed. The move drove us to Fox & Friends that morning. This morning, thankfully, they didn’t deprive us and covered Weiner’s potential expulsion from the House. “What about just flat out being a creep? Get out,” Mark Barnicle remarked this morning.

Coulter’s Magical Self-Promotional Tour

“Tonight I’m on CNN’s Piers Morgan show, Inside Edition and ABC’s Nightline. Tomorrow: Fox and Friends and The View.” — Conservative Commentator Ann Coulter in a Tuesday tweet.

Do rules change in the middle of the night?

“I refuse to believe that any one cares about twitter spelling and grammar between 2-5 am. Nothing good happens then.” — TBD‘s Jeremy Binckes sometime in the middle of the night last night.

TV host copes with insomnia with Pentagon Papers flick

“Can’t sleep. Watching the doc: The Most Dangerous Man In The World: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers.” — Washington Watch’s Roland Martin in a Tuesday tweet.

Morning Laugh

TWT‘s Water Cooler scribe Kerry Picket reports that a Howard Stern Show staffer showed up to the Weiner presser. Picket is a former Stern Show intern and employee. A must-watch here.