Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Washington Reacts to Olbermann Exit

“It’s better to fire people on Friday. Studies have statistically shown theres less chance of an incident if you do it at the end of the week.” — Politics Daily media writer Matt Lewis in a weekend tweet.

“Just got an email saying @KeithOlbermann and MSNBC are no longer. Good luck Keith.” — MSNBC Congressional Correspondent Luke Russert in a weekend tweet.

“MSNBC sure takes this civility thing seriously — cans Olbermann.” — WaPo’s conservative issues blogger Jennifer Rubin in a weekend tweet.

“I’m having a drink to remember Olby tonight—tequila chased by cider vinegar. It’s the WORST DRINK IN THE WORLD.” — @Plucid in a weekend tweet. She’s a “political transwoman” (whatever that means) living in Alexandria, Va.

“@keitholbermann since ur free, do u want 2 sit next 2 me at State of the Union? [ ] yes [ ] no [ ] maybe?” — The Takeaway‘s Capitol Hill radio correspondent Todd Zwillich in a weekend tweet.

“Olberman’s salary most shocking part of story. 30 mill for 900K viewers? Snooki shld replace him, she’s a bargain for her 9 mill viewers.” — Lobbyist Jack Quinn‘s wife and writer Susanna Quinn in a weekend tweet. (FishbowlDC’s Matt Dornic works for QGA’s Jack Quinn.).

“Bummed about Olbermann news.” — Sen. Chris Coons’s (D-Del.) Comm Director Ian Koski in a weekend tweet.

“By chance I was Olbermann’s last guest last night. He gave no hint of anything except to say as I left the set:”Thanks for everything.” — Newsweek columnist Jonathan Alter in a weekend tweet.

“The most interesting thing about the Olbermann story is that TMZ is covering it.” — Politico‘s Patrick Gavin in a weekend tweet.

“Ding, Dong, Olbermann is GONE. The Worst Man in the World leaned so far forward, he fell over his multi-million dollar cliff. #fb” — Human Events Senior Editor Emily Miller in a weekend tweet.

“Bizarre footnote to Olbermann saga: one of the donations he made — which r @ the heart of this drama — was to… Gabrielle Giffords” — HuffPost‘s Sam Stein in a weekend tweet.

Maher says eliminating ‘Worst’ was worst

“Once he started backing off Worst Persons in the World it all went downhill. Stop organizing life around the people who don’t get the joke. Fuck them.” — Showtime’s Bill Maher on “Real Time” Friday night.

Fournier urges hugs

“Daddys, hug your kids today.” — NJ Editor-in-Chief Ron Fournier in a weekend tweet.

Reporter gets emotional over Kardashian episode

“Watching Kardashians and crying! Old episode that talks about the death of their father. So sad.” — WUSA9 Digital Reporter Lindsey Mastis in a weekend tweet.

Erickson blocks left

“I’m just blocking people left and . . . well . . . left tonight.” — CNN Contributor to “John King USA” Erick Erickson in a weekend tweet.

Weingarten angry at Twitter

“I am pissed that Twitter hasn’t found it necessary to Verify My Account.” —WaPo columnist Gene Weingarten in a weekend tweet.

Obama borrows a Politico phrase

“Is it just me or is Obama sounding like a @Politico editor? // Winning the future | Barack Obama For President – 2012” — The Atlantic’s Garance Franke-Ruta in a weekend tweet. She links to Obama-Biden blog here.

Journo samples artichoke liquor

“Having my first cocktail w Cynar-an italian artichoke based liquor at the Fender Music Lounge.” — Former Politico reporter Kiki Ryan in a weekend tweet. She now freelances for

The Critic

“Fox should bring George Will over for their roundtables. Or let Tapper host #ThisWeek again. Either option would get me to watch Will more.” — Sen. Jim DeMint‘s (R-S.C.) Senior Comm Advisor and Speechwriter Amanda Carpenter in a weekend tweet.