Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Photograph by Politico‘s Meredith Shiner from University of Arizona Medical Center

Editor pledges more civility

“Had so many send me ugly words from both sides. Rather than post/defend/condemn, I pledge to be more careful in my own language” — Roll Call Associate Politics Editor Christina Bellantoni in a weekend tweet.

SOTU gallery suggestion: Giffords’ heroic aide

Daniel Hernandez, who risked his life to help Rep. Giffords, seems like a fine choice to sit in the House Gallery during State of the Union.” — @WestWingReport in a weekend tweet.

Roll Call editor knew murdered Giffords aide

“Gabe Zimmerman was aide killed. I knew Gabe well during my time in Tucson, we’d go mountain biking together.” — CQ Roll Call Group Video Journalist  Andrew Satter in a weekend tweet on Rep. Gabrielle Gifford‘s (D-Ariz.) aide who was killed in the shootings.

The Daily Baller: He’s just like us

“I’m in an airport, just hanging out, eating cinnabon, getting fat.” — The Daily Caller‘s Daily Baller Mike Riggs in a weekend tweet.

And another thing…

“Pretty sure we can all stop using Twitter to thank EVERYONE for telling you how great something you wrote/said was #youreexaggeratinganyway” — Go Patrick Gavin go. This is the second in what we hope is a series of Twitter critiques from the Politico scribe in less than a week.

Scribe feels void sans colleague

“Strange: am in the newsroom but @jameshohmann is not here. foul play suspected.” — Politico‘s Alexander Burns in a weekend tweet referring to his colleague, James Hohmann, who replied, “No fear. I’ve been working from POLITICO’s Kalorama Bureau all night. Will be at world HQ in half an hour.” Burns explained to FishbowlDC: “James’s work ethic is legendary. I was poking fun at him for not being physically in the office at 8 a.m. on Sunday because I assumed he had been working virtually nonstop since the previous afternoon. Judging from his response, it looks like that assumption was correct and he took the comment as intended.”

CNN Contributor plugs God

“Standing outside the lights on Kiawah, I can see the Milky Way. Never will understand how one can see that and deny God.” — CNN Contributor and scribe Erick Erickson in a weekend tweet from his conservative Christian retreat, Awakening, on Kiawah Island in South Carolina.

Wolf offers two cents on shooter

“We don’t know if he’s from the lunatic left or the lunatic right. We just see crazy words.” — CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in a weekend tweet regarding Giffords’ shooter.

Wonkette videographer reveres Giffords

“She’s my JFK.” — Wonkette videographer Liz Glover in a weekend tweet on Giffords.

Former Majority Leader and hooker/slut metaphor

Dick Armey denouncing the current heated political rhetoric is like a hooker condemning sluts.” — FishbowlLA Editor and Syndicated Op-ed Columnist Tina Dupuy in a weekend tweet on the thoughts of Freedom Works Chairman and former GOP Majority Leader from Texas. Armey never made a comparison to sluts, that’s all Tina. “He was just snooty about people using violent rhetoric which is bullshit since he likes to use the language of revolution to get old fat people to rally to get the gov out of medicare. Whatever…Dick,” she told FBDC.

Reporter reacts to CNN makeup artist’s mysterious firing

“Sometimes TV news is a crappy, cynical biz.” — NBC News Reporter Jim Long in response to CNN makeup artist Skip Smith getting fired and escorted out of the D.C. bureau late last week.

The ambusher’s solution to violence: a beating

“I wish I’d get 5 minutes alone with Jared Loughner. I would beat that bitch-ass so senseless. Just 5 minutes.” — Human Events Editor Jason Mattera in a Sunday night tweet.