Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Bristol and the media

“I’m more intimidated by the media stuff than I am by Jennifer and Kyle. …It sucks that people still think I don’t deserve to be here.” — Bristol Palin, daughter of Sarah, on “Dancing With the Stars” Monday night before performing a routine that included her quintessential shimmying.  In case we didn’t understand her variety of purposes, the show announced her as a “teen spokesperson.”

An old boss: Rep. Gary Condit

“Nine years ago this past summer, I publicly defended a former boss, Congressman Gary Condit, in major newspapers and on several cable TV shows against bogus claims that he had murdered Chandra Levy. I did so despite the sincere wishes and pleadings of many close friends and family to stay out of it.” —John Edgell, former press secretary to Condit (D-Calif.) in a Monday Facebook update.

An editor’s motto

“My motto as an editor: Better to be feared than loved.” — Washington City Paper Managing Editor Mike Madden in a Monday tweet.

Bold questions require delicate answers

“Packing for trip to Chicago. Outta nowhere my 8 year-old asks “What’s sex?” while doing ubiquitous hand/circle finger gesture. Wow.” —’s  Elizabeth Thorp in a Monday Facebook update.