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ABC’s Klein has touch of midterm madness

“Midterm delusions. Could swear I just saw Alvin Greene on the metro. Thought I saw Lee Fisher this morning.” — ABC’s Rick Klein on Wednesday on Twitter. Then adds, “And now a legit crazy person ranting about who knows what on metro. Not a candidate for office, to my knowledge.”

What does she really think?

“We have a lot of female candidates this year and most of them are terrifying.” — Comedian Chelsea Handler on E!’s “Chelsea Lately” Wednesday night.

A reporter’s wish

“Wish @mikeallen would pen a “Story Behind the Story” about The Day Politico Went Without Email.” — Politico‘s Patrick Gavin in a Wednesday tweet. E-mail was down at Politico all afternoon.

Weigel gets a little help from Joan Baez

“Joan Baez’s ability to make every song flat and sleep-inducing is quite extraordinary.” — Slate‘s Dave Weigel in a Wednesday tweet.

McCain deeply offended by Labash

“I found Matt Labash‘s statement to be one of the MOST SEXIST things I have ever read. But I do hope you’ll do a DC stop.” — The Daily Beast and Dirty, Sexy, Politics author Meghan McCain in a Wednesday tweet. Matt Labash is a writer for The Weekly Standard and an advice columnist for The Daily Caller. What did Labash say to Politico that set her off? Read here.

Dinner with Helen at Mama Ayesha’s

“Wonderful dinner tonight w/my old boss Helen Thomas. Great group of former & current White House reporters here tonight at Mama Ayesha’s.” — New York Daily News White House Correspondent Ken Bazinet in a Wednesday night tweet.


“I have a serious political story to write on deadline, but distracted by the sad breakup of Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively and Penn Badgley.”– Human Events senior editor Emily Miller on Wednesday on Twitter.