Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Reporter takes in Arizona from the road

“Still loving Arizona.” But before that, “Nobody breaks and loses more pairs of sunglasses than I do. Nobody.” — RealClearPolitics‘s Scott Conroy, who was on the campaign trail in Arizona last night and will be in Vegas tonight. His beautiful picture from Arizona is above.

Gunning for the Capitol

“Tim Gunn: ‘DC will be a fashion capital again.'” — TBD‘s Maura Judkis tweeted from the Capitol File party Wednesday night where Project Runway’s Tim Gunn was the guest of honor.

Scribe enjoys day sans Twitter

“No offense, Twitter: but I really haven’t tweeted today and I like it. i really, really like it.” — Kathryn Lopez from National Review Online in a Wednesday tweet.

Tucker brings ‘man up’ into conversation with Greta

“Man up. If you did support it, look right in the camera and say, ‘I supported it’ and face the consequences. Take the lumps — thank you sir may I have another?” — The Daily Caller Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson on Greta Van Susteren’s “On The Record” program last night discussing politicians who supported Obama’s health care package and who now want to distance themselves from it.

Heel hell

“The wearing of the 4inch heels to the WH garden harvest event–right after a rainstorm–was perhaps not the smartest thing I’ve ever done.” — Politics Daily‘s White House Correspondent Alex Wagner in a Wednesday tweet.

Save the notebooks

“If I had a dime for every partially used reporter’s notebook in my possession, it would equal an entry level reporter salary.” — Ethan Klapper, American University Journalism student and online managing editor for the student newspaper, The Eagle, in a Wednesday tweet.

Time off for Knoller

“I’ve got a couple of days off – but will be in touch.” — CBS News White House Radio Correspondent Mark Knoller in a Wednesday tweet. To which Human Events senior editor Emily Miller remarked, “I have separation anxiety.”