Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Sitting with Clooney

“Sitting at a table with George Clooney at a briefing. He’s telling us newsies how to fight to tell real stories (Sudan) + not celeb ones…” — Katharine Zaleski, WaPo‘s executive producer and head of digital news products.

Softball questions

“All the questions put to Pres. Obama were friendly, but even he said of one of them: “that’s sort of a softball.” — CBS News White House Radio correspondent Mark Knoller in a Monday tweet regarding an Obama presser.

Greta is Condi-Ready

“Finished reading Condoleezza Rice‘s new book.” — FNC’s Greta Van Susteren in a Monday tweet from Seattle. As some might recall, she canceled an interview with journalist Bob Woodward since she hadn’t read his book and said she wanted to be properly prepared. Sources close to Greta (and TVNewser) tell us Woodward got his book to her and the interview followed.

Wowee – an extra hour

“It’s exciting when I finish writing something an hour earlier than I had planned. A whole extra hour! How shall I waste it?” –Writer, Editor, Publisher of Metro Weekly Sean Bugg in an astonishing  Tuesday morning tweet.

Um, like I so don’t agree

“Ugh, to be clear: I wasn’t AGREEING with the post about Maddow, I was just READING IT. Found it kind of hysterical.” — GQ‘s Ana Marie Cox sounding like an annoyed valley girl as she rants back at a follower who thought she was insulting MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. Cox had announced what she’s reading: An Instapundit post saying Maddow can’t take criticism from a Republican candidate. This led to a post on the same subject. Watch here.