Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


CNN’s Ed Henry with children, Patrick and Mila – photo credit: Matt Dornic

Stiff competition: sex and cute kids

“@cbellantoni brought the sex appeal while @edhenrycnn brought his kids. I couldn’t compete with either of them.” — The Hill‘s White House correspondent Sam Youngman in reaction to competing in a charity Karaoke competition with journos last night at the Rock & Roll Hotel. He’s referencing in a tweet two fierce competitors: soon-to-be CQ-Roll Call’s Christina Bellantoni and CNN’s Senior White House correspondent Ed Henry.

Stewart SLAMS Washington!

“I’m surprised gravity works down there sometimes.” — Jon Stewart commentating on Washington, D.C. on “The Daily Show” last night, explaining details of his upcoming Rally for Sanity.

Irrational Twitter fears

“When do they take off the gloves and say: ‘Switch to the new version of Twitter or we are going to f–k you up’?” — Mikey Kaus , a journalist/pundit who unsuccessfully ran for Senate against Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) this year, in a Wednesday tweet.

Wrenching Halloween decisions

“A few of my lady friends are vigorously debating whether to be Snooki or @ChristineOD for Halloween. Tough call.” — Politico political reporter Dave Cantanese in a Wednesday tweet.

Journos visit President Clinton Avenue

“@RealClearScott and I are headed to a place on, wait for it, President Clinton Avenue.” — RealClearPolitics’s Erin McPike in a Wednesday tweet on her campaign road trip with colleague Scott Conroy. The pair had arrived in Little Rock, Ark.