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Matt Cooper as Henry David Thoreau

As Atlantic Media Group-owned NJ prepares to roll out its big website come October (launch date is still a secret), newly hired NJ Managing Editor Matt Cooper sneaks in his last (for awhile, anyway) contemplation of life on Martha’s Vinyard. As many of you know, this is Cooper’s return to journalism from his brief stint away on the Financial Crisis Commission.

Earlier in the week on Monday, he remarked on Twitter, “Heading to Martha’s Vineyard for Thoreauesque solitude. Still, any tweeps on the island this week?”

And on Wednesday, he complimented Vineyard cuisine. “Great dinner at the Beach Plum Inn in Menemsha. Sarah Guinan Nixon’s done a great job with the place.”
(Note to readers: The Beach Plum Inn overlooks the sea, so it’s rather ideal for contemplation. The Inn’s website says the vacationer’s paradise offers “spectacular sea views, formal gardens and privacy for those who wish.” See the Inn at sunset after the jump…)


The Inn at sunset.