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Quotes of the Day


Kurtz makes fun of Paris Hilton’s coke bust

Paris Hilton busted for coke in Vegas? Remember when she got out of jail and said she was going to do something with her life? Snort!
WaPo columnist and CNN host Howard Kurtz in a weekend tweet.

Real Housewife husband: reluctantly real?

“He was doing it for her, he was very reluctantly involved and I think that comes across. He wanted minimal participation. Preferably none. But you can’t. You can’t be half pregnant with these shows.”
– Former Newsweek colleague Richard Wolffe in a NYT weekend Style story on former White House photographer for Newsweek Charles Ommanney’s involvement with the Real Housewives of D.C. The show helped propel him toward divorce.

Major Garrett promises to be even better

“I will not leave Twitter. I hope you won’t leave me. In fact, I’ll try to sharper and, maybe, funnier. New Twitter handle after Sept. 3.”
– Fox News White House correspondent Major Garrett in a recent tweet explaining that his Twitter handle will change come Sept. 3. He said he was “overwhelmed, genuinely” by all the good wishes of news of him leaving Fox News for National Journal.

Too much of good thing = not necessarily good

“OK remember when I said text or email me? too many texts can be overwhelming. #neverhappy.” – contributor Dina Fraioli in a weekend tweet.