Goldman’s New Ads

Goldman’s doing good. That’s what a new series of ads is set to show, according to a CNBC story. Goldman Sachs had a full pager in today’s Wall Street Journal “touting the company’s role in raising capital for a clean energy project,” the story says. It suggests the ad as the start of a “new public relations campaign” for the firm, which has faced multiple reputation-related struggles, especially since the financial crisis began.

While we wouldn’t quite call it PR, it does seem to be an attempt to spruce up the firm’s image. The article sees it as an effort to show Goldman’s positive contributions to various communities.

Goldman, in short, is trying to show how it is playing a role at improving the lives of Americans rather than simply increasing its bottom line.

Other ads will allegedly highlight how Goldman helps women and small business owners via business education.

Almost a year ago, we asked you if Goldman Sachs’ initiative to invest $500 million into 10,000 U.S. small businesses changed your perception of the company.

Maybe it’s time to ask again. Do you think the new ads will help?