Mel Gibson Is 60; Ricky Gervais Is Ready

Gibson will be a presenter at the Golden Globes exactly a week after celebrating his birthday.

ShutterstockMelGibsonJuly2014_FeaturedIt’s not a matter of whether returning Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais will skewer Mel Gibson Sunday from the ballroom stage of The Beverly Hilton, but rather, in what specific fashion. As such, the more relevant predictive question is: will Gibson, who celebrated his 60th birthday Jan. 3, choose to acknowledge any cracks made about him when he appears as a presenter?

In the meantime, there is Guardian columnist Marina Hyde’s excellent Mad Mel primer. Beneath the headline “Sins, Repentance and Absolution: Mel Gibson’s Second Coming,” she looks back at the tumultuous last ten years of the actor’s life and ends with her best guess at what we may all be treated to this time next awards season:

The stage is now set for the final chapter in this quasi-redemptive story, in which Mel wins next year’s Best Actor Golden Globe – and is presented with it by none other than highway patrol officers Jew and Sugartits.

Gibson has the lead role in Blood Father, a 2016 Lionsgate thriller directed by Jean-Francois Richet. But chances are if he gets any 2017 Golden Globes heat, it will be as director of Hacksaw Ridge, his first such effort since 2006’s Apocalypto and TMZ outing. But you get the idea.

L.A.’s Simon Weisenthal Center has decried the choice of Gibson as a Globes presenter. Back in the days when Gibson was riding much higher, Weisenthal was portrayed in quick succession on the small screen by Ben Kingsley and Martin Landau. The latest Weisenthal outcry had us thinking about a future scenario as fanciful (and unlikely) as the one Hyde ends her column with: the idea that several years from now, Gibson will finally turn the tide in Hollywood when he is revealed, after the fact, as co-executive producer of an acclaimed series about the Nazi hunter.

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