GodsWar, Pet Fighting, Poker and More on This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Games

There may be a message for small developers in this week’s list of emerging Facebook games, defined as those growing fastest but still under a million monthly active users. Among the 20 diverse games on the list, only a handful are in Facebook’s current most popular genre, sim games.

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. GodsWar Online748,651+366,237+96%
2. 寵物戰爭646,130+362,838+128%
3. Texas HoldEm Poker – Deluxe ★★★★★★729,028+333,434+84%
4. Dragons of Atlantis844,590+170,897+25%
5. Bingo Island641,438+162,517+34%
6. Age of Champions549,200+140,180+34%
7. UNO® Boost697,682+127,170+22%
8. MilMo435,566+107,473+33%
9. Paradise Life775,377+97,482+14%
10. Clash of Kingdoms483,398+83,366+21%
11. Pool Master 2889,830+81,787+10%
12. Post Season Fantasy Football279,601+78,972+39%
13. Fashion City313,257+76,099+32%
14. Habbo Hotel España940,814+76,087+9%
15. Tavla524,120+73,856+16%
16. Wildlife Refuge128,417+69,054+116%
17. Gourmet Ranch554,361+66,824+14%
18. My Shops410,801+59,345+17%
19. GooBox – Gratis Spiele158,574+48,211+44%
20. R2Games Caesary118,124+47,743+68%

GodsWar Online is enjoying a second week of strong growth with a lightweight MMO experience that seems to be appealing mainly to young men outside of the US. It’s not the only MMO listed, with MilMo also enjoying another good week, and GodsWar developer Igg is also doubling up on the list with Texas HoldEm Poker – Deluxe ★★★★★★.

寵物戰爭, at number two, is a Chinese combo of the pet raising and fighting genres. That gives all of the top three spots to Chinese developers, since Igg also seems to be based in that country.

Dragons of Atlantis is the online strategy game that Kabam picked up in its acquisition of WonderHill. Despite having three very similar games now, including Kingdoms of Camelot and the newly launched Glory of Rome, Kabam seems to be doing well with Dragons.

Few of the remaining games on the list are new, but there are a few exceptions to watch: Paradise Life, Wildlife Refuge and My Shops are all well-designed games that are enjoying their first real growth on Facebook.