Go Green in 2010! 10 Eco-Friendly Starter Sites

Want to do your part to help save the environment and live a greener life? There’s such a flood of information on the web, it’s hard to figure out where to start. Here’s our list of the best green sites to help you lessen your environmental impact:

Treehugger – The go-to site for everything green. It has sub-blogs about going green, environmental politics, green jobs, travel tips and more. It also has a healthy sense of humor. With tons of new content everyday, Treehugger is easily the top sustainability site on the web.

Grist – Time Magazine called Grist “the Colbert Report of climate change, the Daily Show of deforestation, the Oprah of oil dependency – except with real reporting and analytical journalism.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

The Daily Green – A useful site for greening all parts of your daily life, from your meals to your lightbulbs to your shopping. Comes in digestible little bites like the “One Easy Thing” feature and green gift buying guides.

Worldchanging – A fascinating blog about the people and ideas that are driving green innovation. For the people who want to stay two steps ahead of the curve.

Environment Guardian – The Guardian, the UK’s version of the New York Times, has an incredibly comprehensive green feature. The audio, video, opinion, green lifestyle guides and news give readers many avenues to learn about green news around the world.

The Green – The website of the Sundance Channel’s green show has video about animal mating habitats, how to be a lazy environmentalist and other interesting topics. For the visual learner.

EcoGeek – What’s the real story of the latest solar panel technology? Are lithium deposits in danger of running out, thus hampering the growth of hybrid vehicles? EcoGeek is a great site for those who really want to get into the science of sustainability.

Ask The Lantern – Paper or plastic? Should I leave my cell phone plugged in all night? Is beer or wine better for the Earth? Readers ask the green lantern questions about green living, and the lantern answers them a couple times a week.

Veggie Meal Plans – The single biggest thing you can do to reduce global warming is to adopt a vegetarian diet, or at the very least, dramatically cut down on meat consumption. Factory farms emit tons of ozone-depleting methane and grow calories very inefficiently. It takes thousands of gallons of water 16 pounds of grain to produce a pound of beef. Livestock production emits more greenhouse gases than all cars, trains and planes combined. Veggie Meal Plans helps you plan a tasty meal plan from the grocery store to the cookbook, and makes going veggie easy.

– Who is the latest celebrity to go vegan? Who is driving a hybrid? Ecorazzi bridges the green and gossip worlds.

There is much more out there, but this is a start. World leaders failed to reach a meaningful accord in Copenhagen, so it’s up to us to lead the way. Any green sites you’d like to share with fellow Rotorblog readers?