Go Blitzers Go! Wolf Wins Team Namesake

fcbuffalologo-300x300.png FC Buffalo, Buffalo NY’s National Premier Soccer League, has been ramping up for the season by running a contest for the perfect proper nickname for their team.

After more than 2300 votes, the fans of FC Buffalo landed on what else? The Blitzers! As in CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

The soccer team’s site had this to say about their new mascot/name:

So, why Blitzers? Why not? The term blitz comes from the German word for lightning, which is all over our logo and the official flag of our beloved home, Buffalo. To go along with that, of course, is the fact that the majority of our staff comes from a background of broadcasting, journalism or English and CNN’s Wolf Blitzer is a well-respected representative of Western New York who remains devoted to his long-suffering hometown.

Via @wolfblitzercnn Blitzer said:

Very Cool! @NicholasMendola @FCBuffalo has our first ever nickname. Thank you to all who voted: http://fcbuffalo.org

Check out the Blitzer’s website here.