Gmail Woes Return

For the second time this month, Google’s popular email service is experiencing outages.

Gmaillogo2.gifThe search giant’s Apps Status Dashboard today registers a “service disruption” for Gmail.

Users are being informed that Gmail is “temporarily unable to access your contacts.” As is now custom, users are turning to Twitter to report problems sending and receiving emails, seek solace, and complain.

Perhaps Twitter user @federina puts it best:

Gmail ora è down (spero non come demonoid), probabilmente un nuovo attacco…

Gmail also went down on Sept. 1 before returning to full operability about 18 hours later.

(What am I, the outage reporter today?)

Seizing the opportunity, Mashable RTed the link to Barb Dybwad’s Sept. 1 column on 5 Things to Do While Gmail is Down. Thing No. 1: Break the news on Twitter! (As I just did.)

Thing No. 5: Go outside.

Yeah, right.