GM Recalls 8.2 Million More Cars for Potential Safety Issues

GM Ignition Recall Safety InformationAnother day, another recall of dangerously flawed GM vehicles.

The latest recall, which affects 8.2 million more cars, brings the total number of recalls this year to over 28 million. That means the company has actually recalled more cars this year than it has sold in the past seven.


This most recent batch, involving “unintended ignition key rotation,” includes seven different vehicle types, including the Chevrolet Malibu from 1997 to 2005, the Pontiac Grand Prix from 2004 to 2008, and the 2003-2014 Cadillac CTS. The company also announced four other recalls that cover over 200,000 additional vehicles, most of which are due to an electrical short in the driver’s door that could potentially disable the power locks and windows and might even cause overheating.

A company statement regarding the ignition key issue features comforting sentiments like the fact that GM is aware of three deaths, eight injuries and seven crashes involving the vehicles recalled on Monday, but that it has no conclusive evidence that the faulty switches actually caused the crashes. Of course.

CEO Mary Barra has assured the public, though, that the safety review is ongoing, and that “If any other issues come to our attention, we will act appropriately and without hesitation.” So is the GM car you’re driving safe just because it hasn’t been involved in any of the recalls? Who knows. But if any dangerous flaws are discovered in your particular model (due to crashes the company won’t actually admit are their fault), GM will let you know.

A little game of roulette, anyone?

Here is a video of Barra addressing the issue, which was posted to the company’s informational website dedicated to informing the public about the recent recall. In the video, Barra is saying all the right things — accepting responsibility, laying blame on the individuals and the corrupt business practices that allowed these cars to reach their customers, and taking a stand to say “never again.” But the thing is, the majority of the incidents and decision-making that caused this crisis happened before her time, not on her watch, so what is probably intended to appear like a new regime coming in to clean house, to start anew, looks more like she was hired to take the fall. And while she is generally doing so with grace, the mess is so huge and so out of control, that her words, even if they are heartfelt, seem hollow, impotent, and far too late.

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