The Vegan Honeymoon Is Over for Daily Mail Staffer

Halfway down Jordyn Taylor’s piece in the New York Observer about living with an allergy to gluten, she ropes in Taylor Lorenz. Lorenz, a Brooklyn-based Daily Mail (pictured) staffer who oversees the emerging platforms group, was once an outspoken vegan. But now, because of various levels of abuse, she tends to keep that part of her life a bit more quiet.

FishbowlNY apologizes for bringing attention to this matter, but really, the anecdotes were just too good. Lorenz talks about her OKCupid vegan problems and shares this almost unbelievable first-date boyfriend maneuver:

“I went out with one guy,” Lorenz said, “and when I got back from the bathroom he was trying to sneak cheese into the sandwich I ordered.”

What the dairy!? Lorenz’s friends can also be harsh, like the one who, at her apartment, claimed that the red wine they were drinking had been processed with a fish bladder. What the grape!? There’s a nice analogy from Lorenz in the article about how being a vegan compares to living in a desirable Manhattan neighborhood. Read Taylor’s article here.

[Photo via: @taylorlorenz]

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