Glow Little Glow….

Glow Little Glow....

bruceengel5.jpgThe caffeine is still working it’s magic, so I can’t seem to come up with an apropos pun for these glowy… 2x4s. (I was going for glowworm, but they are only worm-like in their long-and-narrowness.) Anyway. I saw these last night on Treehugger, “the definitive modern, yet green, lifestyle filter”. It’s a great resource but brace yourself for some serious consumer guilt – you’re ruining the envrionment in a million ways you don’t even realize!

I mostly love the light these creatons give off – that rosy cozy glow. Designed by Bruce Engel, who is part of Sand_Box, an architectural design collaborative, their site describes the lights thusly: “When light diffuses through the wood each generic 2×4 reveals its distinct fingerprint. The process of delicate thinning brings to life the complexity of the grain and rich colors of the wood.”

There are many more pictures in the Treehugger post and you can purchase them at The Future Perfect. (That site is just brochureware at the moment, you’ll actually have to pick up the phone or email them directly to place or order. Or you could, you know, go to Brooklyn. I hear there’s lots of neat stuff there.)