Glassdoor To Become The Yelp Of Corporations?, best known as a place where people can anonymously rant about their employers, is now selling a service for employers.

Companies who pay Glassdoor’s monthly fees (starting at $495 per month) will have a page where they can recruit, promote their company, or link in with their Twitter and Facebook pages. Unsaid: companies that pay for an employer page now have a place to set the record straight against anonymous rants.

Companies will also get access to an analytics page showing what visitors otherwise did on Glassdoor: so a company could see that most of its visitors also checked out two of its three competitors and that they all live in Minneapolis, or something.

Kinda makes the service feel like the Yelp of corporations, where only those that pay are able to rebut their critics. Or maybe only the companies that are already highly ranked will be willing to shell out.

Some employer pages are already live, including Edelman (pictured below), Shutterfly, and Orbitz.