Gizmodo Bans its Own Editor for Insulting Commenters

Jesus Diaz, an editor for Gizmodo, has been banned from commenting on the site. In a post titled, “I Just Banned Jesus Diaz,” Gizmodo’s Editor-in-Chief, Joe Brown, explained that Diaz had crossed the line. “I hate to do this, but we have to hold ourselves to the same standards as we hold our readers; these lines have to exist for us as well,” wrote Brown.

Diaz was banned for hurling insults at Gizmodo commenters who disagreed with a post about Google altering its privacy practices. When a commenter called the post “sensationalist,” Diaz lost his damn mind. “It’s amazing how moronic people can be and how hard they can suck on corporate cock,” wrote Diaz. “The above [comment] is a good case of this pro-corporate whoring.” Diaz wasn’t done there. He went on to tell another commenter, “Google fandroids like you are as bad as Apple fanboys like Gruber. All of you sucking on corporate cock and lying off your tits.”

Okay! Well then. Everyone please note that corporate cock, pro-corporate whoring and something called “lying off your tits” are not in Diaz’s wheelhouse.

Given the ridiculousness of Diaz’s comments, Brown was right to ban him. It’s a smart move and shows support for Gizmodo’s readers. Hopefully the disciplinary move will make Diaz think more before he writes.