GigPark takes on the power of friends to social recommendation

Social recommendation site GigPark runs on three important dictum – to help you find services as recommended by your friends, to let you ask your friends for recommendation, and to let you recommend your great service people. We may have different taste and standards when it comes to services rendered to us, but at the end of the day or of any service, what matters is whether that service has answered our needs. And where else could we get valuable opinion regarding service providers but from our friends?

GigPark is a pretty straightforward recommendation service. No frills, no shrills – only valuable suggestions in a simply designed web platform. And you don’t have to elaborate on your suggestions as well. You can just post a pretty straightforward statement about a service. If your friends or you want to know more about those comments then its up to you and your friends to ask around. Hence, opening up the social networking aspect.

So, why would you use GigPark? As we said, the best opinion one could probably get about something are those coming from your friends. And that’s exactly what GigPark gives out.

And now for two reasons why GigPark is simply great; GigPark is free and GigPark works with Facebook.

So, give it a try, who knows you might find the best handyman that you’d been looking for at GigPark.