Gig Of The Day: Freelance Artists Wanted

We don’t feature too many jobs for artists and designers on this site, so here’s an attempt to rectify it with a “Help Wanted” ad for a site that makes just gorgeous stuff.

A la Carte Maps sells hand-drawn maps of tourist destinations with locals’ tips for where to go and what to see once you get there.

a la carte maps

The company’s currently looking for freelance artists to expand their roster of cities.

The company told us that they’re pretty flexible on what they’re seeking:

  • all design styles welcome
  • can work wherever, whenever and however they wish to… as long as they meet our deadlines
  • must be 100% reliable
  • must have their own computer & internet access/phone
  • must be able to communicate comfortably in (spoken + written) english
  • must be able to work with InDesign, Photoshop & Illustrator CS4 (or at least CS3)
  • we look for people that are passionate about what they do. people that strive for excellence. people that are flexible and willing to go the extra mile
  • humor & love for traveling = plus!

Interested artists should send a portfolio and application to jobs(at)alacartemaps(dot)com.