Gifts That Give Back from HuffPost, Causecast

The Huffington Post and social-action network Causecast are at it again, thankfully.

Just two days after announcing their 12 Days of Giving initiative, the two organizations launched the Gifts That Give Back online store, which stocks items and services for those in need that can be purchased as last-minute holiday gifts in the name of friends and family members.

The store offers gifts under $25, $25-$50 and more than $50, with each item purchased going to those in need, and eCards will be sent to people whose names the gifts were given in. Also, anything purchased from the Gifts That Give Back online store before midnight New Year’s Eve is tax-deductable.

HuffPost co-founder and editor in chief Arianna Huffington said:

We’re delighted to offer an online holiday store focused on giving back. With painful economic times leaving families struggling to make ends meet, this has become a holiday season of serious belt-tightening. This scaling back has also extended to charitable giving. It’s a cruel irony that as the number of people in need rises, the number of people able to help out is falling. It’s why we decided to create a virtual store where goods and services for those in need can be purchased in the name of your friends and family members (or yourself!). It’s the perfect shopping experience for people looking to go beyond the consumerist aspects of our end-of-the-year celebrations and focus on the impulse to give back that is at the heart of what we are celebrating.

Causecast founder and CEO Ryan Scott added:

At Causecast, we report every day on the struggles of people around the globe to fulfill basic needs—i.e., to get an education or even just to feed their families. Through Gifts that Give Back, people can not only give a gift to their family and friends, but help someone in need at the very same time. In that way, give really is the new get.