Getting Your Resume To A Real Live Human

img src=”” align=”left” vspace=”3″ width=”205″ height=”136″ hspace=”7″>”Simply sending your resume to an anonymous ‘jobs@’ email inbox or through a job site and hoping for the best is like trying to get a date by slipping your phone number in with her junk mail,” says Joel Schwartzberg in his AvantGuild article, “Getting Your Resume Into Human Hands.” And it’s true. If you want to reach a human, you have to do a little work.

Find someone’s name in Hoovers, on the company’s own web site, or on a social network. Then you gotta be bold, he suggests. Try sending this e-mail:

Hi (Name),
I see we both know (friend’s name). I hope you don’t mind my boldness, but I noticed an opening at (your company) for which I consider myself a perfect match, given my skills and experience. Can you help me get my resume into the hands of the right person? I can be reached at (email address). Thanks so much for your help!

That’s it. So simple.

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