Getting to Know David Airey


Like a lot of other sites around town, we’ve been talking a lot about David Airey lately, first about the heist of his site and then in the launch of his new Logo Design Love. But how many of us really know the real Mr. Airey? Now you can have all questions answered in this interview with him over at Freelance Folder. Here’s a bit:

Jon: I know you’ve been blogging for almost a year and a half now, how is blogging helping your business? Do you find it’s a useful tool and do you find clients through your blog?

David: The vast majority of my clients arrive through my blog, which is incredible! Before I started, I had no idea how powerful a tool your blog can be. It has helped me rank highly in search engines for relevant terms, and at the time of writing, I’m #4 on Google for ‘logo designer.’ Without a doubt, my blog is the single most important marketing tool I have.

As a self-serving aside, this writer is helping David out by being a judge in his Logo Design Love Awards, a contest for blog logos, which has just opened up for submissions. Other judges include such luminaries as Armin Vit of Under Consideration, John Martz of Drawn! and Alissa Walker, a young design writer we’ve heard good things about. If you’ve got something you’d like to enter, well, dear god man, what are you waiting for?!