Getting Past the Experience Qualification

Doesn’t it always seem like when you’re searching for jobs, the positions that pop out to you the most are those with required experience that’s one-to-two years more than you currently have? The posting doesn’t explicitly say job skills that you lack, except for those pesky years of experience. Is it possible to still land the coveted job?

“It’s probably not useful to apply for a job for which you lack qualifications,” said creative director of Quintessential Careers Katharine Hansen to

Hansen explains that in the current job environment, the chance to land that job decreases since so many people are looking for jobs right now. But if you don’t want to listen and grasp that dream job, she did have some suggestions.

You basically need to make it clear you have the skills and experience to work the job, even if your years don’t match the company’s expectations. Add keywords that are appropriate for the position. used the example if you’re looking to get into public relations, make sure you add examples where you highlight your “power of persuasion” or communication skills.

The other trick, use your cover letter. List the qualifications the company has for the job, and explain how you can fill them or have filled them in the past.

Of course, if you do all this and happen to get the interview, then you better turn on the smile and blow the company away. Provide solutions and the company just might look past that annoying year you lack.