Getting Ink Via Twitter


Sometimes we feel like we shouldn’t talk about Twitter (everyone’s doing it!), but then we always end up giving in. One thing we wanted to talk about is the BusinessWeek story by Steve Baker about Twitter that he wrote using Twitter.

We saw the collaboration happening in advance of the story, and now that the final result is out, we wanted to take a minute for analysis.

So, who got quoted? Not surprisingly, Union Square Ventures partner and Twitter investor Fred Wilson and Twitter lead architect, Blaine Cook.

Also in the mix: Media Deluge blogger Christian Anderson, Shawn King of YourMacLife and John Yarmis of AMR research.

Baker writes that he received more than 250 responses, “some pure opinion, others furnishing facts and links to blog posts and articles. You can read many of them on Twitter search engine Summize by looking for #bwstory.”

So, for all of you hoping to score some BusinessWeek ink via Twitter, better luck next time.