GetGlue Partners With The Oscars: Check In Tonight

Will you be "checking in" to the Academy Awards tonight?

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has reached out to GetGlue to add a little more fun and excitement to tonight’s Academy Awards show, incentivizing viewers to tune in by offering a range of exlusive Oscar stickers. The stickers ca be unlocked up to and during tonight’s show.

The partnership between GetGlue and The Academy signals the first time that a major event has actually integrated check-ins into their own website. GetGlue users will be invited to check-in via GetGlue’s apps, or directly from The Oscars also worked with GetGlue to create this year’s original stickers.

This Oscar Night partnership follows a successful campaign that GetGlue ran with CBS for the Grammys earlier this year. It looks like the Grammys campaign was such a success, reaching over 8.5 million people on Facebook and Twitter, that the Academy wanted in on it too!

In addition to signaling the first time that a major event has integrated check-ins into their own site, this campaign also signals GetGlue’s first sponsored sticker campaign. That’s right, Mercedes Benz has jumped on board to incorporate branding and promotional messages in tonight’s stickers. According to the press release, “The advertisement is done in a playful way consistent with the spirit of GetGlue. The fans have to “peel” off Mercedes Benz USA branding to unveil the actual Oscar sticker.”

But enough of formalities– you probably want to know about the stickers. The exclusive stickers up for grabs at this year’s Academy Awards include a “Your Invited” sticker that can be earned ahead of the event, a “Best Picture Challenge” sticker that can be earned by checking in and placing your vote for Best Picture, and a Red Carpet Live badge.

GetGlue has also partnered with E!, as they did for the Grammys, to offer a variety of stickers tonight as well, including Live From The Red Carpet, Celeb Spotter and Fashion Police stickers.

Social TV apps like GetGlue have become more and more popular, as television views are craving the social experience they get when they watch videos online while they are watching traditional television. Will you be checking in to the Academy Awards tonight with GetGlue?