Get Your Video Gaming Fix at Vigster

How I wish that Vigster already exists when I was still a hard core video gamer. It is definitely a haven for all types of gamers – console, pc, portable, casual gamers, you name it, you’d definitely find Vigster a useful resource for all your gaming needs. If Glinkster was a cool social networking site for you, and weplaythis doesn’t want to be called a gaming site, well Vigster is way cooler and definitely brags about being a gaming site and a social networking site as well.

From their own words:

Vigster is a social network for video games where users can create virtual game shelves to show off their games, connect with friends, discover new and exciting video and computer games, rate and review games, create and play video game quizzes, voice their opinions, have their say, comment on games, share games, share gaming experiences, buy video games, explore games and much more.

We told you it was a full-featured social networking site right? Those are certainly a lot of stuff to keep you busy if you decide to join Vigster. Actually we don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t want to register at Vigster if you are a video gamer. It’s free and registering at the site takes just a matter of minutes.

And what would you get should you decide to join Vigster? You’d definitely get a lot of things. You can

  • Access a massive gaming related database with up to date information on video games
  • Build virtual game shelves to express themselves and show their game collections
  • Discover new video games and new gaming related information about games that they love
  • Share their hands on experiences about games they have played with other members
  • Rate, review, discuss and voice out their opinions on video games
  • Play quizzes, submit quizzes on video games that they have played
  • Learn from other users about their gaming tastes and preferences
  • Connect with friends and other users who share the same gaming passion as themselves
  • Join online gaming groups and discover more about their favorite games
  • Contribute to the community by uploading screenshots and videos of their favourite games
  • Get the latest video game news, upcoming developments etc
  • And much more

In short, Vigster is your one stop resource for anything and everything about video gaming. And by one stop resource we mean that Vigster is social network, an online community, a portal, a game shop and more.

Time to get your game on folks!