Get Your Friend's Stats

ZeitgeistWant to view the demographic breakdown of your friends? Thanks to Gordy French you can. The Zeitgeist application enables users to view a basic overview of their friends demographics. While I covered another demographic application, Platypus, this one has more information about your friends. It features sex, political views, relationship status, top 5 networks, top 5 hometowns, top 5 activities, top 5 interests, top 5 music interests, top 5 movies, top 5 tv shows, and top 5 books. Apparently “The Alchemist” is a pretty popular book among my friends. I actually have it added as one of my favorite books as well. While it is a pretty simple application, it is kind of fun to see your friend’s demographics. Many people that have commented on the application say that they add the application and then immediately remove it because “their friends don’t change.” I’m guessing those people are a little bit younger. The only suggestion I would make about this application is it needs better looking graphs. Aside from that it’s good for a quick form of entertainment. If you want to see your friend’s demographics go check out the Zeitgeist application.