5 Helpful Tips That Will Get Viewers To Watch Multiple Videos On Your YouTube Channel

When it comes to your channel on YouTube it’s great news when you get a lot of views on a single video, but it’s even better news when you can get your viewers to check out several of your videos in one sitting. However, the nature of YouTube makes it simple for viewers to click away from your videos to watch another user’s clip in an instant. We’ve put together a list of five ways that you can increase the chances of viewers watching multiple videos on your YouTube channel to boost your channel views, fan base and overall YouTube success.


The best way to get your viewers to watch more of your videos is by adding annotations. With annotations you can easily link from one video to another video, to your own YouTube channel, or to a page where viewers can subscribe to your channel. We explain everything about how annotations work in our annotations guide.

When you include an annotated link within one of your videos that says something along the lines of, “Click here to watch my other video!”, you greatly increase the odds of your viewers watching more than one clip on your channel.

Many YouTube partners do a great job of using annotations to link their viewers to other videos they have created. Philip DeFranco aka SxePhil is one master of this technique. In his most recent video you can see how he uses annotations to lead viewers to his other videos. You’ll notice an annotated link to “Watch Mondays Show!” in the top left corner throughout the clip. He also includes more annotated links at the end of the clip.


Another great way to get viewers to watch many of your videos at once is by creating playlists. Playlists allow you to group your videos by theme, topic, or by any criteria you come up with. When a viewer finishing a video in your playlist the next video begins automatically. This is great for drawing viewers in and getting them to watch several of your videos in a row.

Playlists are also great for the discoverability of your videos, as they are indexed separately from single videos in searches. This gives viewers more of a chance of finding your videos. You can find out more about making playlists in YouTube on the YouTube Help page.

Links In Description

In addition to adding annotated links in your actual video clips you can also include links within your descriptions. These links can lead to anything, from your Twitter account to other people’s videos and everything in between. If you link to your own videos in your description then you can entice your viewers into clicking and watching more of your content.

For an example of what links look like in a video description, check out the description on RayWilliamJohnson’s most recent Equals Three video, ‘DEMON PIZZA!’ below.


You know how “Suggestions” appear alongside videos on YouTube? Take a look at a few of your own videos and see if it’s your own videos or other people’s videos that appear in the suggested videos section. If it’s other people’s videos then this is giving viewers a lot of options to click away from your video to someone else’s. A good way to make your own videos appear in the “suggestions” is by using similar tags in your videos (as well as descriptions) that may not be used as frequently by others.

Let’s take a look at RayWilliamJohnson’s ‘DEMON PIZZA!’ video again to see how nice it looks when your own videos appear in the suggestions section. As people watch one of his clips they can easily click through to watch his other videos as well.

Create a Multi-Video Promotion

Another way to get viewers to watch several of your videos is to create a promotion that requires your viewers to watch multiple videos. We recently covered a campaign by Israeli singer Efrat Gosh, in which viewers were invited to go on a scavenger hunt through her videos. A hint was provided that would lead viewers to a specific spot in a specific video where yet another clue was provided, leading to another video. This led to a huge boost in views across all of the videos on Efrat’s YouTube channel.

MysteryGuitarMan also announced a scavenger hunt of his own in his most recent video, which you can check out below (the explanation of the scavenger hunt starts around 1:05). He is sending viewers through a bunch of his videos, where they will find letters written in the descriptions. When put together, the letters will form the URL of a “hidden” unlisted video. This is a fantastic way for MysteryGuitarMan to get tons of views in a very short time (not that he doesn’t already), and to get viewers to watch a bunch of his videos in one sitting.