Get Trigger-Happy


We’re staying at home today. But if we weren’t, we’d go check out trigger, an exhibition at the Center Gallery at Fordham University. Why? Because it’s all about graphic design. Which we love. According to curator Jacqueline Thaw,

trigger considers what graphic designers create from own interests and inspirations when they work without clients — when the designer is the trigger. These projects demonstrate a range of possible modes for graphic designers: personal, political, artistic, entrepreneurial, curatorial and hypothetical. Within this wide divergence of self-initiated work, there are recurring concerns with language, symbols, information and subject matter that tends to be more public than private. “In the service of commerce” describes how graphic design most often operates, but doesn’t define what it is. By looking at what graphic designers develop on their own steam, trigger reveals something about the essential nature of design. The exhibit celebrates this uncommissioned work, broadening the rubric of design to include it.

Artists include Paula Scher, Stefan Sagmeister, Carin Goldberg, Matthew McGuinness, Illegal Art, and others.

Center Gallery, Fordham University at Lincoln Center, 113 West 60th at Columbus, M-F 10-8. Through February 3.