Get Set Games Reveals Mega Blast for Mobile

The latest game in the Mega series, Mega Blast will see Redford collecting coins and throwing bombs to survive in a world filled with obstacles.

Mega Jump developer Get Set Games has announced the latest title in its Mega series: Mega Blast. The game is the developer’s first title built with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine technology.

Alongside this reveal, Epic has awarded Get Set Games an Unreal Dev Grant in the amount of $18,000 for their work with Unreal Engine 4. These grants can be used freely by the receiving developers, with no restrictions or future obligations to Epic attached.

Mega Blast will star the lovable creature Redford, on a quest to collect as many coins as possible by advancing along a tiled path. Players will advance one tile at a time, collecting coins and avoiding obstacles including puffer fish, disappearing tiles, flipping tiles and more. As players collect bombs, they’ll be able to clear large portions of the field, making progression easier for a short time.

In a statement, Derek van Vliet, co-founder and development director of Get Set Games, commented on Mega Blast and the company’s use of Unreal Engine 4:

Mega Blast is our first 3-D mobile game, and Unreal Engine 4 has allowed us to make that transition with ease. The Blueprint system has empowered our artists and designers to inject a whole new level of juiciness into Redford’s world. Having free access to the full source of the engine has been invaluable for debugging, extending our toolchain and optimizing Mega Blast for devices. The result is a game that we are extremely proud of.

Mega Blast is expected to launch on iOS this summer.

Ray Davis, general manager of Unreal Engine, added:

It’s incredibly rewarding to see a team we admire pick up Unreal Engine 4, create a great game, and be a positive force in our community. We’re particularly impressed with the level of polish Get Set Games have achieved in a short span of time, and we hope the grant helps them cross the finish line even more easily and get Mega Blast onto mobile devices everywhere.

Get Set Games recently announced its popular Mega Jump title has been downloaded more than 50 million times. Other games in its portfolio include Disney’s Monsters, Inc. Run and Mega Run.