Get Facebook Instant Messaging On Your Desktop Now

While you're waiting for Facebook to make its upgraded communications platform available to everyone, there's a third-part chat application that you might want to check out.

Are you itching for Facebook to make available its new messaging platform? Do you like chatting on the social network but wish it didn’t require you to keep a tab or window open in your browser?

Two U.K. developers, Daniel Offer and Henrik Larsson, designed a solution for just this: An independent application that syncs up with Facebook chat to allow you to IM all your buddies straight from your desktop. The desktop chat messenger client for Facebook called Chit Chat works a lot like other other instant messaging applications.

Offer and Larsson developed the product when they noticed two main problems with Facebook chat, according to an article in SmashingHub. “Not everyone wants to access the Facebook site itself every time they want to chat, post status updates, and write on walls, and the chat function on Facebook was” not very reliable.

The third-party application first launched in 2009, but was recently improved this fall, just in time to capture the attention of people who are impatient for Facebook’s new messaging platform to become available. Chit Chat’s latest version now includes:

  • Color messages – You can also send and receive chats in bold and italic and customized fonts.
  • Shortcuts – Quick keyboard shortcuts allow you to cycle through Facebook conversations.
  • Sound alerts – Similar to other IM desktop applications, you can customize the sound alert which are received when your Facebook friends sign in or out, or when you get a Facebook instant message.
  • Facebook status updates – You can update your status from within Chit Chat.

Why we like Chit Chat: You can sign on using your Facebook email and password so no need to set up a separate account. You can send messages and post to friends’ walls from the application, which adds to the convenience factor. And on our trial run it seemed to work as smooth as the other chat applications out there. You can download Chit Chat for free here.

Readers, what do you think of an application that uses the Facebook login to create an instant messaging platform? Will you still want to use it after the social network’s new communications features become available?